Have You Been Infected With Ransomware?

We have dealt with hundreds of ransomware attacks, and our experts can help you take the right steps to remediate the situation.
Have questions about ransomware?
Have your files been encrypted and you need help recovering from the attack?
Need to remediate your network systems to ensure you are protected?


Bridged Technology offers ransomware incident response via our partnership with Coveware to help you recover from ransomware when backups are not an option.

Let us manage your ransomware incident response.

Explore Free Remediation Options

  • Identify your ransomware strain
  • Find free decryptor tools
  • Professional recovery help

Communicate With Your Hackers

  • Secure & safe negotiations
  • Complete & transparent emails
  • Determine ransom payment

Easy Ransomware Payment

  • Crypto currency settlement services
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Transparent transactions

Restore Data & End Downtime

  • Professional IT recovery
  • Insurance documentation
  • Post-incident follow up, support