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The technology in your office will make you money ( when it works) It will cost you thousands in downtime if not protected.


What We Do

Next Generation Firewalls

Flex security to the next level with advanced hardware for high throughput speeds, fast inspection times, multiple layers of security and threat protection, reporting and many features depending on models. From Entry level firewalls to Enterprise, all supported from the cloud.

Deep Packet Inspection

A malicious attack can come from many angles, being proactive on your network helps eliminate the before it can even enter your environment. Using
a method of inspecting every piece of data, this feature is a key source of layered security added for your protection without sacrificing speed.

Multi-Core Processor Architecture

The speed of the security is only as good as the device itself! Multi-core units have the power to inspect, execute tasks and manage the wireless without users noticing any delay

Advanced Threat Protection

Hackers and programmers taking new measures today, so are we. Each malicious attack can be different, having learning algorithms in place to secure email, messaging and web browsing help protect us against the fake agents.


The end to end remote access and high encryption can’t really get any faster than this. After configured and setup with some software, its like you haven’t left the office.

Threat inspections

Testing of the network is now built into the firewall itself. Idenitfying our threats by port, device and network inspections are key ways to keep a head of the problem before it tries to replicate.

(Buffalo TeraStation)Secure Data

Storing data is easy, but is it encrypted? Multiple measures can be made to ensure higher security for our data. Network Attached Storage devices are easy to use and to deploy to any network, but need to be properly configured for encryption of data.

Advanced Wireless Integration

Centralizing your management and troubleshooting on the same platform. From deployments, throttling, bi-directional threat scanning and segregation, its an all-in-one winner for small businesses.

Complete Cloud Platform

Managing the devices, reporting, traffic, protection settings and the many other features, from an easy-to-use cloud platform. From helpdesk to spam settings, technology and security for a faster, unique customer experience.

We Create Fully Protected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Up time is key to any business, being pro-active on handling your day to day technology needs can be very task-oriented. Leave the work to our team. From reports to scheduled maintenance, we can ensure your technology’s

– Encrypted Cloud Backups
– Vulnerability Scans
– Network Penetration Testing
– Full patch management with 3rd party integration
– 24/7/365 Support Options

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