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Voted best technology service 3 years in a row by Hagerstown Magazine!

Specializing in audio, video, networking, communication and surveillance for both residential and commercial. Proudly serving the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. The expertise you need & service you can rely on for your technology needs. We are accustomed to working in fast-paced environments and providing high quality service to our clients in an efficient manner. Call or email us today to learn more about the Bridged Technology difference.


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When asked to describe the services offered by Bridged Technology, the fastest answer is “anything with wires.” You may be surprised by the various tasks that the professionals at Bridged Technology can handle. From computer repairs to setting up commercial surveillance systems to mounting your gorgeous flat screen television safely, our experts can handle it. The best part about hiring us? You’ll be working with a local business that serves clients in and around Hagerstown, MD quickly and efficiently.


Bridged Technology is a female-owned business that consists of an accomplished IT professional with more than 10 years experience of installing, diagnosing and repairing networks, servers and computers; and talented technicians with the expert qualifications to work on a variety of different systems and equipment. We are proud to serve the residents of Hagerstown and Frederick, MD. We also travel to surrounding areas in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.


Our company’s data has been taken for ransom, I’m not an existing customer, what can Bridged Technology do for our business?
If your company does not have a disaster recovery plan in place, we can help mitigate the damage with our proven processes to get the business to an operation status. No prior business relationship required.

I’m looking to change IT/Managed Service providers, will Bridged Technology support my existing technology?
We can support all your current hardware. We will create a road map to become more efficient in serving your business.

I currently have an IT person on payroll, and they do majority of the projects and daily support. Can Bridged Technology help span the gap on support and upgrades?
Bridged Technology can supplement our support teams. If a big project comes in and the current staff or IT department will be overwhelmed, we can step in and provide the role. From one-time migrations to complete software solutions, we can mold to however your vision or current process is operating.

Does our company need a service contract to have service or emergency services?
Absolutely not. We are available for service 7×5 and emergencies 24/7.