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IT Services

Downtime a problem? We understand how businesses utilize technology in commercial environments to help drive efficiency. Let us monitor your systems and we will be contacting you about our plan to resolve any issue standing in the way of conducting safe and secure business.

Complete Network & Technology Oversite – Our software keeps us informed on how your network is functioning. We can see real-time data of the device we are monitoring to ensure the most possible uptime to keep everything running smoothly.

Windows & Mac – Monitoring hasn’t been any easier. A complete list of components and reports on logs. From software to hardware, we can triage the issue remotely before dispatching a tech or calling the manufacturer

Technical Support – Line of business software can be pesky, even more annoying when not functioning at all. Windows giving you trouble? Let our team handle all your helpdesk needs. We can work with your end users to resolve basic and advanced issues remotely via chat, email, texting, video call or phone call.

Schedule Maintenance – Our field teams can schedule maintenance upgrades, cleanings and structural cabling needs for business productivity and growth. Can only have repairs or installs at specific times? No need to worry, we got your back!

On-Site Support – Professional, reliable, and ready to handle your field operation needs. From quoting, troubleshooting or installation, our field technicians have the knowledge and skill to get your project or support need to the finish line.

Project Management – Does your business have quite a bit of technology and need some help with figuring it out? Let our team get the right personnel for the job! Servicing multiple types of technology in the commercial environment, our staff can coordinate and plan to have your technology implemented smoothly.

Wi-Fi – Deploying, configuring, real-time monitoring, really hasn’t been so easy. From our field techs to tech support, we can be notified if your wireless goes down for any reason. Need changes immediately? No problem. Old system not working? Our field experts can help identify weak spots with the latest technology. Does your industry work with guest Wi-Fi? Splash pages to Facebook likes, we can customize a solution for your specific industry.

Network Security & VPN – Working from home, made simple. Bridged’s technical team has been looking for the most robust practice without sacrificing speed. After some Qs & As, our team can design the proper security platform for your business. From deployment to technical help, we customize the strategy and configuration that fits your business’s every changing technology lifestyle. Trying to meet a regulatory requirement? From processing credit cards to handling classified information, we have the solution for you!

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance is key to physical security on your premise. Having the right plan to properly cover your concerns is the first priority of the system.  When designing, our field experts will recommend different techniques on handling various scenarios. Businesses big and small need physical security to protect themselves and employees from possible disasters or even confrontation.

  • Point to Point Systems
  • Coax System
  • IP Based Systems
  • Computer Based System
  • Full Maintenance & Repair
  • Customized Support Options

VoIP & Telephony Services

Take control of your call flow and prioritize your calls to your needs. On the go? Don’t want to give out your cell phone number? The features are endless with total customized solutions for your business needs. Manage your small business through an app on your phone to a complete call center with playback at your fingertips. Let the ease of use become your lifeline to your customers, from anywhere.

  • Easy to use interfaces
  • Customer Schedules
  • Auto-Attendants
  • On The Go Apps
  • Customized Call Groups
  • Virtual Faxing

Office 365

Complete management of new or existing office 365 accounts for your business. Monthly costs broken down per license for easy overview. All the benefits of Microsoft with a local professional. – Remote Support – Over the phone or remote diagnostics for your technology in a fast, friendly manner. Minimize downtime and schedule non-urgent projects at ease – On-site Support – Computers to Digital Signage, our techs have the skills and knowledge to handle your technology projects in a professional & effective manner. Providing your with options on how to handle obsticales that may arise, our team is dedicated to your success with technology!

SiriusXM for Business

Working in an office can be routine and dull at times, especially if the office is silent. When an office is filled with the sound of music, though, studies have shown that employees tend to focus better on their work. This in turn can contribute to office productivity and overall happier employee attitudes. If you would like to reward your employees for a job well done while motivating them to keep contributing to the success of your business, you should consider giving them the gift of SiriusXM radio

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